Back-End Developer (m/f)

Senior BackEnd Developer (m/f) 

Building and Maintaining the back end of our web applications

The Company

We are geeks, tech-lovers and inventive people working together to revolutionise the Data Center industry.

We bring Artificial Intelligence inside our buildings by developing innovative systems and applications: DCIM, Video Management, Access Control and Power Distribution Systems.

We are starting selling our products to external customers (other than our data center sister company)

With 20 engineers, we are willing to keep the great atmosphere of a small company but are heading for more structure, processes and seniority.


The Culture

We look for entrepreneurial mindsets, autonomous but not independent teammates

We like agile organizations, with fast-pace decision making and leadership based on expertise.

We want to accelerate our adoption of a continuous delivery approach and the implementation of a true DevOps culture.

Multiculturalism is part of our DNA and we value social interactions and discoveries of other cultures and habits.

Working from home, from a co-working space or as a digital nomad is not considered as a productivity loss when it’s only about coding.


The Job

You will participate in the development of a DCIM tool (Data Center Infrastructure Management), which monitors technical devices in our data centers, as well as access control and security.

Your job is to design, build and maintain a suite of backend services : APIs, data processing, tooling, and to analyse several interacting products.

You will have the opportunity to deal with monitoring devices within our data centers, with alarm systems based on monitored data and user configuration, with access control systems, etc.

One of the great value of this position is the possibility to take care of different aspects such as participating in the team organization with the SCRUM methodology, to work directly with the Product Owner for the business needs, to perform demos for clients if you feel like it, and to have a global view of our products.

You will have the chance to give your contribution to our success by proposing innovative ideas in order to improve our products and increase our customer satisfaction.


The Perfect Profile Match

You have a strong experience in migrating from monolithic to micro services architectures.

You are an expert in designing RESTful APIs that can scale.

You already have experience with SCRUM methodology and Atlassian tools.

Collaboration and sharing knowledge with your peers is your daily routine, and you would enjoy joining a team using Golang, Node.js and PHP. Your technical package should also include MySQL, Cassandra and Redis, as well as Docker and Jenkins.

And if you just like creating crazy stuff and cooking with your peers, we love you already!


The Deal

Company shares in addition to you salary package

Complementary health insurance + Life disability Insurance

Fun & Happy work environment

Flexible schedule